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Before working with Dark Horse Rowing, my Rowing was a huge weakness, it was something I didn’t think needed a lot attention to detail but how wrong I was.

Not only have I learnt how to improve my rowing technique to ensure my rowing is efficient but I have improved my fitness and power output.

Tia-Claire Toomey * 2017 CrossFit Games Champion

Today was my first real rowing class since I completed the course. I had 8 people in and it was bloody awesome. Cant speak highly enough of the DHR course.

Kel Sanson * Part time CrossFit Coach, Full Time Environmental Consultant

How years of testing different coaching strategies made it possible to learn the basics of coaching the rower in a week.

 Shane Farmer, February 5th 2018

There are WAY too many coaches out there who think watching video counts as coaching.

They'll send you a link and say, just watch this and you'll be fine. 

If only it could be that easy. 

If you're serious about training, providing the best for your clients, and rising to the top in your profession you need to be systematic in learning and growing your toolbox of knowledge. 

Taking a "shotgun approach" of piecing together videos from different sources gets to be confusing. Each video contradicts the next, and it's hard to tell who's really an expert.

Today, I'm going to show you how consistency in my coaching took 4 hours of explanation down to 15 minutes and distilled what used to take a month, just 7 days.

  Not only that but how this approach has helped tons of my athletes drop their times, feel more confident, and lose weight!  

The best part? Its a simple formula for success because you don't have to learn a BUNCH of new things.

That's right. Much of it you already know, it's just that no one has explained it this way. And when you use it, not only will you make your clients happier but you'll do it in less time.

The formula takes hard work for it to succeed. Don't get me wrong. But the dividends are unreal when you take it seriously.

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