The Dark Horse Mission

The greatest pursuit is to value your mind and body. Through coaching and training fitness we want to inspire you to inspire others, to move better for life and growth, and to be lofty and ambitious with your life. We exist to support you in your quest of personal evolution, we are your team.

Our Reason for Being

Dark Horse was born out of a pursuit of one man’s passion for fitness and rowing that involved leaving the world of suits and cubicles behind to bring that passion to others. It started in a single gym with one client and has evolved to include thousands of people around the world and a team that continues that goal.

Our values are representative of the people we’ve worked with and the lessons we’ve learned from them. Our approach to speaking, coaching, programming, and traveling express our desire to leave people and places better than we first interacted with them.

We care deeply about the state of human life and it is our driving force behind why we do what we do. We know that in our line of work, we will face resistance, support, emotion, and challenge. We choose to help when these arise and it drives many of our underlying decisions.

We’re proud of the work we do. We bring knowledge, inspiration, experience, emotion and physical highs and lows to our clients lives. We give support and listen for the why’s, because that is our WHY, to make our clients lives better by feeling better.

Our drive always has been about the success and emotion of the people who consider themselves Dark Horses. We strive every day to create the best possible experience for athletes so we can continue to provide support for a lifetime.


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