Where do I start?

To get a feel for how the program works and what it looks like, check out our front page. From there, decide which program makes the most sense for you. Each 8-week cycle starts with a test and ends with a retest so it’s obvious how much you’ve improved!

Why should I focus on rowing?

As we like to say, “It’s not about the rowing.” The rowing machine however is a different story. Many people, athletes, and sports use the rowing machine for training purposes that AREN’T rowing.

So we say, don’t focus on rowing. Focus on the rowing machine the same way you would focus on your technique with any exercise you do. Improve at the rowing machine so you can improve at your sport or chosen pursuit of fitness.

Do I need a rowing coach?

You don’t NEED anything. You only really need food and shelter to exist. But why exist when you can thrive.  You probably WANT your neighbors dog to stop peeing on your lawn, because it costs you money to re-seed every year. You also WANT to look and feel better because it improves your quality of life.

We can help with the latter.

Look, even olympians have coaches even though they’re the best of the best. Why? Because they recognize that to improve, it helps to have someone who can pave the way and show you the tricks of the trade.

That’s what we do. We lay the groundwork for you to improve on the rowing machine for your pursuit of fitness. Whether it’s the rowing machine, motocross, or football.

So do you need a rowing coach? No. Should you have someone who’s got your back. Yes.

How much does it cost?

The Dark Horse Crew membership is only $29/month. That’s about the price of a couple nice bottles of wine each month. You treat yourself to the good stuff twice a month, why not treat your body to the good stuff with us twice a week, every week.

Our program prices vary. From our 4-week Drag Factor program at $39, programs go up from there. The majority of our programs are $48 8-week programs which will have 1-year access from the date of purchase so you can complete the cycle as many times as you like!


What do I get when I buy the program?

When you purchase any of our programs you’ll receive the following:

  • Skill and drill with every workout
  • Workouts 2x/week
  • Tested and proven programs that WILL make you improve
  • Access to the Dark Horse Community where you will communicate with coaches, you can race against other members, and receive support from our oustanding membership base.
Why can't I just use free rowing workouts from elsewhere?

Free workouts are great. They make you sweat and they can be some serious fun. You should definitely do them.

We’re totally behind free workouts because it gets people excited about using the rowing machine. The only downside is, those free workouts don’t make you any better at using the rowing machine, and they often don’t have a goal in mind.

You’re the captain of your fate. Use those free workouts for fun. When you’re ready to learn how to use the machine and make it work for you, that’s when it’s time to step up your game and give Dark Horse a try.

What if I've never rowed before?

The majority of athletes using Dark Horse are not rowers and have no desire to be rowers. That’s what makes the community so supportive and helpful as you get involved. You can learn from them through the process and you’ll have a support system that can give tips and tricks of their own to help you get that new PR.

Dark Horse provides all the tools and drills to learn how to use the rowing machine effectively in your training. All experience levels thrive because the same fundamentals that teach you how to use the machine effectively, are the same fundamentals experts use to warm up.

Why Dark Horse?

A Dark Horse is a competitor about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds.  We support you and the internal desire you have to improve. Work your weaknesses, take control of your own fate. Dark Horse Rowing is for the athlete who believes in themself. If that’s something you can get behind, then you’re in the right place. See About for more.

How has rowing helped others?

Check out our testimonials for some of the athletes that have thrived using Dark Horse for their training.

How will a rowing program help me be a better athlete?

The rowing machine uses 85% of your musculature to build strength, aerobic capacity (aka cardio), and mobility all while reducing the impact on your joints. That means you can get stronger and fitter while lasting longer without the breakdown you’ve experienced with intense exercise before.

All of these things come together to make you a well rounded athlete. Again, we’re not here to row. We’re here to make the time you spend on the rowing machine as impactful as possible.

When would I do my Dark Horse workouts?

Whenever they fit into your schedule. The workout calendar suggests Monday and Thursday but it’s really dependent on your training. We encourage the first workout of the week to replace one high intensity conditioning session you may have in your training, and the second workout of the week works well as an active recovery day workout.

When do I do the drill work?

Just as it’s written in the program, start every workout with the drills and technique work. You make your $ with the drills. Even olympians use the same drills we do to warmup and reinforce their technique. If you do them, you’ll improve faster than you can row that new 500 meter time trial. In our years of coaching it’s proven that the athletes who do the drill work see rapid gains while those who bypass them languish in an eternity of mediocrity (well maybe not an eternity, but the certainly don’t improve as quickly or as much).

What is the 2k + X I see in the workouts?

Every cycle starts with a baseline test to give you speed, times, and distances to work from during the cycle. When you see something like 2k + X, or 5k – X, it means that the assigned pace or speed for that particular piece is your 2K average speed (aka split) from your 2k test + X amount of seconds, or your 5K average speed from your 5k test – X seconds. So if you saw 2k+10 and you rowed a 2:00 average speed during your initial 2K test, then that piece would be asking for you to row a 2:10 average speed.

How do I contact Dark Horse Rowing?

Email support@darkhorserowing.com!