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A personal touch with coaching, pointers, and feedback direct from all the coaches at Dark Horse.


Improve not just physically, but mentally. With access to members only content you’ll go beyond just working out.


Exclusive resources available only to you and 9 other people means immediate access whenever you need it.

Personal Attention

Hands on coaching, regular personal reviews, specific points of performance to improve your peak performance, and accountability emails tailored to make sure you’re staying on track for fitness, building a stronger more resilient body, and growing to new heights.

Your Most Resilient Self

Improvement isn’t always just fitness based. Expect mental and focus improvement while you build a bulletproof body and mind to handle the rigors of every day life. This program is about building you as a human. Expect results.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

You need answers to your questions, you need support, and you don’t want to have to search to find it. You’ll have immediate access to all our coaches for any questions you may have, plus access to exclusive resources no one else can access designed to help you become the person you want to be.

“Dark Horse rowing has helped me significantly improve my rowing technique. I’ve also found it very helpful when pacing for a variety of different workouts. After adding Dark Horse programming to my training, I continue to feel more and more comfortable on the rower.”

Kari Pearce

Crossfit Games athlete 2015 & 2016, Top American female and 5th in the world at the 2016 Games, NY

“YOU ARE A DEAD SET LEGEND. The last couple of weeks have taught me so much about myself and my ability to push hard even when I thought it wasn’t possible. Your coaching and philosophy around training is something I totally dig & respect.

I look forward to being  part of Dark Horse and seeing that transform into something more amazing than it already is. Can’t thank you enough.”

Steve Corney

Ice Cream Business Owner, Australia

“I know Team Dynamix couldn’t have accomplished what we did at the Games in the 2016 season without you guys…the Dark Horse coaches put us on a program where we rowed high volume and long distance 2-3x a week throughout April – July. I’ll never forget Amy Dracup saying, “well everything hurts…. except the rowing… is it just me, or does the rowing just feel great.” And everyone turned to each other in agreement saying, “yeah, the rowing feels like rest.”

To hold a competitive pace and “feel like rest,” set us up for success. We felt the benefit in our lungs for our longer events too like the Team Murph event, one of our best finishes. Thanks again for contributing to our 4th place finish at this year’s CrossFit Games!!”

Andrea Ager

CrossFit Games & Collegiate Track Athlete, New York, NY

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