NOVEMBER 1-30, 2023

Dark Horse Rowing

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Ever find yourself thinking any of these thoughts?

I've had my rower for months...

but it’s always a struggle to know what to do on it for a good workout — or if I’m even rowing correctly.

I love getting on my erg...

I’m struggling to feel motivated…

I'm getting bored...

and hitting a tough workout, but I’d love to get faster or stronger… and that’s just not happening.

and I can’t keep my fitness level up like I usually do. I want to get back in the swing of awesome, quick workouts and feel more confident in my body.

and I wish I could share my triumphs—and challenges—with people who love rowing like I do.

If you're feeling any of the above— you’re not alone.
We built Rowvember for you.

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Here’s what you get with Rowvember:
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30 creative daily workouts from a professional rowing coach.

One workout ready for you each morning. That means no more wasting time scrolling for a workout until you lose motivation. Just get on your machine and row.

An improvement in your rowing and fitness.

Each daily workout will push you, make you faster, improve your cardiovascular health, and help you meet your goals.

Motivation and community.

Come together with more than 8,000 others to celebrate rowing and the awesome workout it provides.

Get through all 30 workouts and we’ll declare you a Dark Horse powerhouse. But if you’re reading this on November 15th—that’s okay! Sign up and jump into the next workout and commit to giving it your all every time.

See you on the rower!

What People Are Saying:

Josh K

  • These are the first DH workouts I ever did back in 2018. It was a great time, not all kill yourself without but enough of them to keep it interesting & challenging.

Teresa V

  • I am finally back with my physical therapist’s blessing! SO excited to get back on the erg — this comes at a perfect time.

Josh F

  • The perfect, painful way for me to get back on the erg after a few months off!

Hayley J

  • 2019 was my first Rowvember and I really loved it. The daily ‘unknown’ is fun and there was a great assortment of sprint, distance and tail kickers. Thank you for all your time and energy Dark Horse.

Anna K

  • For me, the real challenge in Rowvember is to listen to my body telling me it needs more time to recover from a previous injury. I hear you, coach John, “You can make it as hard as you want to!”