What Athletes Like You Are Saying

We’re honored to have a striking community of athletes and coaches who have implemented our program successfully for themselves or their clients and can celebrate the success that they’ve seen.

“Dark Horse rowing has helped me significantly improve my rowing technique. I’ve also found it very helpful when pacing for a variety of different workouts. After adding Dark Horse programming to my training, I continue to feel more and more comfortable on the rower.” Kari Pearce

Crossfit Games athlete 2015 & 2016, Top American female and 5th in the world at the 2016 Games, NY

“Been with the crew for about a month, I’ve already learned so much and my improvement is evident.” Richie Floyd

Captain at Plano Fire Rescue, TX

“Not only my technique improved but my mental capacity and my number have changed drastically. I can now hang with the tall girls.”

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

2014 CrossFit Games Champion, Canada

The programming here is great, the pace goals are even better, but the focus on technique from the drills is what sets the program apart. They will build the foundation of your stroke to improve upon.Justin Rogers

Houseparent at a residential school for under privileged kids, PA

“Dark Horse Rowing has made huge improvements to my rowing. I have gotten a deeper understanding of rowing mechanics, how to pace, and how to enjoy rowing.”

Kristen Holte

3X CrossFit Games Athlete, Norway

“As a part time runner, part time couch potato, I had the desire to row. Thanks to the Dark Horse Rowing Training program, I learned proper form through the videos and drills, developing muscle memory and finally connecting with the machine to meet my goals. If you don’t have a program or coach near you, I highly recommend the online beginner program!”” Carrie Ann Thomas

Grocery Store Manager, AL

“YOU ARE A DEAD SET LEGEND. The last couple of weeks have taught me so much about myself and my ability to push hard even when I thought it wasn’t possible. Your coaching and philosophy around training is something I totally dig & respect.

I look forward to being  part of Dark Horse and seeing that transform into something more amazing than it already is. Can’t thank you enough.”

Steve Corney

Ice Cream Business Owner, Australia

“I used the sprint start in the beginning of my 2k like I learned and I accidentally got a PR on my 1k of 2:58. I didn’t realize it until I only had 800m left and my pace was still 1:40. Thank you so much. I really can’t thank you enough.” Dominic Scalzo

CrossFit Coach & Athlete, FL

“As part of the skill portion for yesterday’s WOD, my coach asked me to be the demo for the rowing component. He proceeded to analyze me in front of the class beginning with “Steve has beautiful form”, and then proceeding to point out everything that I do well throughout each stroke cycle. With each stroke and subsequent comment from my coach I was keenly aware that I owed virtually all of it to my four-plus months dutifully working through the program at DHR. Sure, I’m doing the work, but it wouldn’t be remotely possible without the videos and articles that are foundational to that work, as well as the constant feedback and support from the community. Big thanks to all, for everything!”

Steve Bradley

Retired Elementary School Teacher, Ontario, Canada

“I know Team Dynamix couldn’t have accomplished what we did at the Games in the 2016 season without you guys…the Dark Horse coaches put us on a program where we rowed high volume and long distance 2-3x a week throughout April – July. I’ll never forget Amy Dracup saying, “well everything hurts…. except the rowing… is it just me, or does the rowing just feel great.” And everyone turned to each other in agreement saying, “yeah, the rowing feels like rest.”

To hold a competitive pace and “feel like rest,” set us up for success. We felt the benefit in our lungs for our longer events too like the Team Murph event, one of our best finishes. Thanks again for contributing to our 4th place finish at this year’s CrossFit Games!!”

Andrea Ager

CrossFit Games & Collegiate Track Athlete, New York, NY