Every gym has at least one. Many have upwards of 10. Some are more used than others and everyone has a favorite. When it’s time to put them away, they get rolled to any free space available and left until the next time to use them.

The Concept2 rowing machines in your gym or home are some of the greatest tools you possess. That’s why it’s important to treat them with a little love. As we like to say at Dark Horse, “Take care of your machines, and they’ll take care of you.”

Not only is learning how to store these machines easy, but with a little effort you’ll save energy, space, and time, and have happier members. Check out the Dark Horse method of rowing machine storage and breathe a sigh of relief.

Save Space

Storing these machines vertically creates a small footprint. The Concept2 rowing machine when standing vertically is 24.25” wide, 34” deep, & 7’8” tall. Why this matters is because you can shave off 10.5” from each machine if you overlap the machines rather than storing them directly side by side.

This makes the effective footprint of each machine only 13.75” wide and saves you a TON of space. If you have 5 machines that is 3.5’ of wall space saved by overlapping the machines as close as possible. In the world of space saving, that’s considered a win.

The system creates consistency and order for the equipment. Every gym has their own system for how equipment is stored. Some more tidy than others. Creating a system for the machines though creates consistent placement every time and allows you to plan your layout and workouts better for your athletes because you’ll always know how much space your machines require.

PRO TIP: Taping or chalking off where each machine should go on the floor creates the most consistent and reliable system for storing the machines.

Save Time

It will save you time in getting machines and putting them away. Watching a group class of athletes try to move machines around without a plan is like asking them to try to park semi-trucks in a Walmart parking lot on Black Friday.

Save yourself and athletes time by teaching them to store the machines the Dark Horse way. When the machines go away, the first machine either goes to the far left or right, and every successive machine after that overlaps the one before it (see image above). They come out the opposite of how they went in. It’s that simple. No more fighting for the “favorite” erg or cherry picking. Each machine will make its way out appropriately.

Save Energy

You’ll save energy once members understand how to store them because they’ll always be in the same place. You’ll save your voice and the energy it takes to put away the machines yourself at the end of the day. There’s isn’t a price you can put on this. It’s THAT GOOD.

So give your Concept2’s some love. Store them properly and they’ll last you a lifetime. Seriously, the company is now 40 years old and their original machines are still alive and kicking.

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