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Whether you want to get in shape,

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or just feel better, we can help!

Do you own a rower hidden under a pile of clothes? Or maybe you’re using the rower at the gym and feel like you aren’t making progress? The Crew will help you use your rower to get in shape, improve your technique, and find the motivation to meet your goals.

Meet your goals with our motivation and support!

Find consistency in your training so you can lose weight, recover from injury, or find your path to health with a group united to support one another.

From your first workout to a lifelong pursuit of health, The Dark Horse Rowing App gives you daily workouts, coaching feedback, a training library, and access to the Dark Horse community.

Our Classes

More than just

a rowing program

Along with daily rowing workouts, you’ll find mobility programs to make you more flexible and move better every day. Strength workouts to complement your training and make sure you’re well-rounded, and warmups to make sure your workout gets started off right.

Dark Horse

The Story

A Dark Horse is an underdog. A person who isn’t given anything. No one expects them to succeed…but they find a way.

A way to thrive. To work when no one else is watching. To chase down success in their lives, maybe it’s being able to get on the floor to play with your kids or grandkids, maybe it’s fitting better in your clothes, maybe it’s rowing across the Atlantic. 

Whatever the goal, being a Dark Horse is a mentality that quitting isn’t an option. That no one can do the work for you. And that you have it in you to find success. 

~Shane Farmer


An enjoyable way to get in shape

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